The Winter Park, Colorado Ski Train reboot is shifting into higher gear

July 16, 2015

The Winter Park Ski Train was once an iconic part of Colorado lifestyle, carrying skiers from Denver’s Union Station to the slopes for decades starting in 1940. Now, for the first time in six years, there’s talk of reviving the train, possibly as soon as this winter.

What might this new ski train be like?

The goal is this: Starting in the 2016-2017 ski season, a person could land at Denver International Airport in the morning, take the new East Rail Commuter Line to Union Station, board the Ski Train and arrive right at the slopes of Winter Park without ever needing a car — all in about three hours. Winter Park says it’s the only place in North America where it’s possible to take the rails all the way to a ski resort.

Is the tourism industry excited about this idea?

Carly Holbrook with Colorado’s Tourism Office is. She says if the ski train were revived, it would be a big selling point for Colorado: “It’s a unique experience where you get a taste of Colorado’s history on the route that’s been around since the 1940’s, it’s a very relaxed experience. You’re not worrying about driving in traffic to a ski destination. So I think if visitors are considering Colorado amongst other states for a ski destination, the train could be a big selling point, and could also entice visitors to choose Colorado over other ski destinations just because it is such a unique form of travel to go skiing.”


Read and hear the full story from Colorado Public Radio by clicking here.

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