This Commuter Rail Line Could Revolutionize Outer-Borough Transit in New York

June 2, 2016


The Regional Plan Association has been advocating for better transportation throughout New York City for over 75 years. Now, at a time when subway ridership is nearing an all time high and buses continue to be strongly mediocre, RPA is advancing their plan for an outer-borough rail that would connect The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn (and serve way more communities than the Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar.)Website Insert Start Here copy

“[T]oday, more New Yorkers commute within the outer boroughs than into Manhattan, and the city is gaining more jobs in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island than it is in the urban core,” the RPA rationalizes. The Triboro rail line would allow commuters to bypass the circuitous trip through Manhattan, and in some cases significantly reduce their commute times between boroughs.

According to the RPA, over 43 percent of outer borough New Yorkers have to walk more than a quarter mile to the subway, and outer-borough residency is coupled with longer commute times all-around. A survey presented in the Census Transportation Planning Package 2006-2010 found that the average commute from The Bronx to Queens takes 68 minutes. It’s a similarly long 63 minutes between Brooklyn and Queens.

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