Thought in-flight magazines were a thing of the past? Think again

May 3, 2015

The New York Times reports:

Rhapsody, In-Flight Magazine, Is Becoming a First-Class Literary Journal

By Alexandra Alter

Last summer at a writers’ workshop in Oregon, the novelists Anthony Doerr, Karen Russell and Elissa Schappell were chatting over cocktails when they realized they had all published work in the same magazine. It wasn’t one of the usual literary outlets, like Tin House, The Paris Review or The New Yorker. It was Rhapsody, an in-flight magazine for United Airlines. …

… An airline might seem like an odd literary patron. But as publishers and writers look for new ways to reach readers in a shaky retail climate, many have formed corporate alliances with transit companies, including American Airlines, JetBlue and Amtrak, that provide a captive audience.

Read the full story from The New York times by clicking here.


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