The 12 Best (and Worst!) Amtrak Menu Items, Ranked

August 8, 2015

Amtrak! It’s generally cheaper then flying. It’ll generally never make you take off your shoes. But more importantly, it has a cafe car you can visit whenever you damn well please. Nope, there’s no “seat belt” light that tells you when you can and cannot move about the train (towards the cafe car!). Also, there are no seat belts.

But what should you do with this freedom? You should eat, of course, because your phone battery is about to die from looking at your ex’s Instagram, you’re tired of all your Spotify playlists, and you’re hungry, dammit. But what should you eat?! This guide should help.

A couple of programming notes: this only applies to the items offered in the standard cafe car, not the more robust dining cars (that sometimes require reservations!). Also, this is focused on items that are either specific to the train or at the very least prepared in some fashion. You don’t need me to tell you whether or not you should eat some Doritos. If you feel like Doritos (or a Snickers, or a KIND bar), you should eat some. Got it? Good. On with the foods!

Writer/taster Matt Lynch has the full rundown at

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