TRAINS Magazine: Nippon Sharyo prototype fails test, workers laid off for Next Gen bi-level passenger cars

September 4, 2015

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ROCHELLE, Ill. — Nippon Sharyo is laying off workers at the plant assembling bilevel passenger cars after a prototype failed key safety tests.

Plant managers announced the layoffs on Thursday saying they are “… a result of complications during the testing phase of one of its prototype cars.”

Nippon Sharyo is building the cars to one design for state-sponsored Amtrak service in several states, including Michigan and California.

Bruce Roberts, Chief of California’s Division of Rail in the Department of Public Transportation, the agency that is overseeing the procurement for the states, tells Trains that he learned from Nippon Sharyo on Thursday that the company has yet to discover whether the 800,000-pound compression test failure which caused the shell to buckle was the result of poor workmanship, production failures, or a fundamental design flaw.

A compression test is meant to demonstrate how a car would respond in an accident, protecting passengers.

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