Transportation director in the hot seat over road warranties, idle trains

March 3, 2015

Tim Skubick of WKAR opines that as if things weren’t’ difficult enough “embattled state transportation director” Kirk Steudle after “the state audit report chastising the department for not following up on road warranties,”

…Then came the Detroit Free Press, which discovered some passenger rail cars sitting in a rail yard in Owosso just collecting snow. They were leased by the state five years ago in anticipation of offering passenger service from Detroit to Ann Arbor and then up to Howell and back. You may have noticed the trains are not running because the project is only a concept. And there sit those rail cars costing the state a pretty $1.1 million a year.

Well you can imagine what the lawmakers said when they discovered that miscue.

Steudle was peppered with 37 questions during one hearing, and now he’s given his department 30 days to fix this mess. He’s got several options including canceling the lease…

Read the rest of the article by Tim Skubick in, 3 March 2015.

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