Transportation funding means more than roads and bridges

November 13, 2014

From Bridge, News and Analysis for the Center for Michigan:

…With winter just around the corner, the nerve-rattling, wheel-bending state of Michigan’s derelict roads and bridges will soon be even harder to ignore. Simply put, a substantial increase in transportation funding is unavoidable… our state has been too slow to recognize a new reality: A modern transportation system is a necessary ingredient for a thriving economy.

That means making communities more walkable and bike-friendly, and making public transit more reliable and accessible. It means creating places where today’s workers want to put down roots or launch a business…

The new Silver Line bus rapid transit system in Grand Rapids and construction of the M-1 Rail in Detroit are major steps forward. Two commuter rail projects and several bus rapid transit projects in the works have the potential to greatly enhance the quality of life in metro areas across the state. A funding package that supports our full transportation system will help move those exciting projects forward and add to the $1.3 billion in economic output public transportation already provides for our state…

Read the rest of the story in the Bridge, 13 November 2014.

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