Former AAR SVP VanderClute joins OnTrackNorthAmerica’s board

February 6, 2015

OnTrackNorthAmerica Inc., which describes itself as a “whole-system, multistakeholder think tank serving the public interest,” has, according to Progressive Railroading,

appointed Robert VanderClute to its board. A 44-year veteran railroader, VanderClute most recently was senior vice president of safety and operations for the Association of American Railroads (AAR).

He previously served Amtrak for 27 years, lastly as vice president of operations…

“Bob brings so many varied and knowledgeable perspectives to our board,” said OnTrackNorthAmerica Chairman Michael Sussman in a press release. “We created OnTrackNorthAmerica to facilitate the new levels of collaborative thinking now needed to plan and capitalize infrastructure development that best serves industry and the community. Bob will make a major contribution to these activities…”

Read the rest of the story in Progressive Railroading, 6 February 2015.

OnTrackNorthAmerica’s website explains the organization’s direction: “Railroads, in spite of their energy, capital, and space efficiencies are significantly underutilized for moving freight and people over land. Transforming that imbalance and its causes is key to our future…”

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