VIA Rail Canada to launch first version of mobile app to manage travel

July 22, 2015

VIA Rail Canada will launch its first version mobile app to help passengers organize train travel wherever they are in mid-August.

The new app will allow passengers to get instant access to their itinerary, boarding pass and train schedules, and make changes along the way.

If passengers get on board with this easy and convenient app these benefits will be available:

  • Receive train status updates in real time
  • Obtain your boarding pass and add it to Passbook
  • Book, pay, change or cancel (possibility of booking based on past trips and/or using rail passes)
  • See train schedules and updates
  • Add your trip to your calendar
  • Share your itinerary
  • Get station information and a list of onboard services
  • Check your baggage allowance
  • Create a customized profile

The VIA Rail Canada app will be available through the VIA website by clicking here.


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