Virginia’s $758M funding will boost passenger rail

June 20, 2016

Under the Six Year Improvement Program recently approved by Virginia’s Commonwealth Transportation Board, more than $758 million will be made available for passenger rail projects.Website Insert 5000 New Seats copy

The largest portion of that funding, $660 million, is set aside for the Hampton Roads-Richmond-Northern Virginia rail corridor, according to advocacy group Virginians for High Speed Rail. The $758 million is in addition to $438 million in passenger rail projects built during the past decade, the group said.

The funds will support service expansions and infrastructure improvements that benefit the continued operation of Amtrak’s five Virginia-based regional trains, which operate from Norfolk, Newport News and Richmond.

The funding also will pay for triple or quadruple tracking for the Northern Virginia-to-Richmond portion of the corridor, which will improve reliability, capacity and service. The funding for this corridor also will support construction of a new multimodal transportation center in Newport News.

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