‘WE HAVE STARTED’ Bristol, Virginia gets $100K for passenger rail study

April 21, 2016


BRISTOL, Va. – A new $100,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission nearly completes the funding needed for the city’s passenger rail viability study.Website Insert Real Numbers copy

The grant was one of 13 totaling $3.3 million that Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Monday. It will be combined with a $250,000 grant received last year from the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission to help fund a study about bringing Amtrak rail service from Roanoke to Bristol and possibly linking to cities in Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky, according to Assistant City Manager Andrew Trivette.

“We have started. The comprehensive feasibility study is going to look at all things passenger rail through Bristol. It will consider ridership for all the legs anticipated connecting in Bristol as well as ridership – and this will be the focus of the study – of Bristol through Roanoke,” Trivette said.

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