Why the Best Bike Trips Start on a Train

June 10, 2016

By Elly Blue, Men’s Journal

Ever tried to take a bicycle on an airplane? You’re faced with ridiculous fees, annoying disassembly and boxing, and inconsistent interpretation of confusing rules. By comparison, taking your bike on a long distance train ride is like spreading warm butter on a fresh piece of toast, or getting a shoulder massage while drinking a cold pilsner by the pool.Website Insert Real Numbers copy

Unlike airports, train stations are in the center of cities. You can roll down to the station, board your train, and enjoy the ride and the view as you read, listen to a podcast, or catch up on work. Arriving at the station by bike helps the whole trip feel more relaxed — the exercise, the chance to unwind from hectic pre-travel preparation, the feeling of mobility and self-sufficiency.

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